In 24h a lot of things can happen...

     Now back on my comfortable sofa in Ibiza looking back to the last 24h hours in Madrid: 3 flights, the Musical Cabaret, a decade friendship celebration with my friend Laura, a little shopping and unfortunately only the Museum Reina Sofia... It was amazing! but I have to say that my feet are exhausted!
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         Yesterday in the metro I had a flash back to Barcelona when I was checking were I was heading to with Google Maps. Let me think... About 13 years ago!!! When I started to do some more serious modeling. I was coming a week now and then to Barcelona when I had no exams at high school, to participate to marathon casting, and back to Formentera. 

        The first thing I had to do in Barcelona, was to buy a thick book which will my life saver: a yellow street pocket guide of about 500 pages! Every casting had a posit... It ended up a rainbow street guide, full of folded pages, notes... To resume, destroyed but still readable.
I am sure you will be laughing, but Barcelona is a small city! Yes I agree now, but at this time I was only used to my 20km (12 miles aprox) long island with no red lights, one high school and one main road from point to point...

I have to say that I still remember that first day in the metro alone... It was going to a photo shooting for a Fashion Magazine. I think I took the wrong direction 3 times as I didn't really got the point yet of the 2 ways...What can I say, blond island moments is in the city! Back then you could drop me in the middle of a forest and I'd find my way, but in the middle of a city, I was lost. I say was, because, lucky me now,I have a better orientation in the cities and if not, my great friend google maps will whisper me the way.