Lady Godiva

   Los caballos son unos de los animales que me fascinan... Y me llaman muchísimo la atención cuando aparecen en fotografías o en obras de arte. Hace poco me encontré este cuadro de Lady Godiva pintado por John Collier en 1897 y que podemos encontrar en el Herbert Art Gallery and Museum en el Reino Unido. Lady Godiva realmente vivió pero si que hay dudas sobre la veracidad de leyenda. La dama anglosajona nació en 1040 y era la mujer Leofric Conde de Mercia. La leyenda cuenta que el ambicioso Conde obligaba al pueblo a pagar unos impuestos muy elevados. 

Lady Godiva insistía una y otra vez a su marido para que rebajara los impuestos, este finalmente cansado de sus súplicas le dijo que si montaba desnuda a su caballo por el pueblo que accedería a rebajar los impuestos. Ella accedió y le dijo al pueblo cuando iba a dar el paseo a caballo por el pueblo para que este no la vieran desnuda. Aunque hubo una persona que no obedeció a su señora, fue el sastre del pueblo que no pudo resistir ver a su señora desnuda. Aunque se dice que finalmente se quedó ciego... Después de que la dama hiciera esto su marido quedó conmovido por su gesto y mantuvo su palabra, rebajó los impuestos. 

    Horses are without a doubt my favourite animal. They just catch my attention no matter how they are portrayed, in photography, paintings, sculpting, or any form of art in general. The reason why love them is because they are big animals yet very gentle and have a lot of respect to there surrounding not to mention there elegance and sheer power. However there is one painting that really caught my attention. Lady Godiva painted by John Collier in 1987 which you can you find now in Herbert Art Gallery in England.

Whats so intriguing about this painting is the actual story behind it even though its considered a legend. Lady Godiva was born in 1040 to an Anglo-Saxon family and was wed to the Earl of Mercia Leofric. The legend says that he was a tyrant and that the people from Coventry suffered a great deal due to his oppressive taxation system. Luckily for them Lady Godiva got her husband to lower the taxes but not with out a price that she had to pay herself. When she demanded that he lower the taxes the earl agreed but only to one condition, which was to ride on a horse completely naked through out the village, which she agreed to do. Before she did she asked the villagers to stay home and not in the street so that she wouldn’t be humiliated. Her wish was respected and obeyed by everyone, all but just one , the Tailor Tom which was said he ended up blind.  Due to Lady Godiva kind heart and courageous action, the Earl lowered the taxes and she ended up to be remembered to this day.

Esta fotografía me la tomó mi madre en el 2009 en Formentera, en la Platja Migjorn.

My mother took this photo of me and Faraona in 2009 in Formentera, Spain.